Saturday, March 15, 2014

Reward Eating

Diana here:

I'm pretty excited because I'm back to writing again. I have a contract for The Festive Bride part of the 12 Brides of Christmas with Barbour.

I learned long ago that I need to set small goals and have a reward when I reach them to get through a quick deadline, and this one is that! I have to have it to the publisher by May 1.

My reward has been every 500 words get up and move around, that turned into every 500 words get up and walk to the kitchen. Then I added-- find a gluten free yummy to build up my energy.

So I've written about 4000 words that means I've made at least 8 trips,
(9 because I deleted a scene) to the kitchen.

It's Lent and passover foods are showing up at my local store.
YUM ALERT! That means gluten free cookies to devour  eat!
                   These are so good that I must eat only a few at a time!

I only get four at a time.They are very small. See I put my ring on top and I have small fingers.

So 4x9=36... What? I've eaten 36 of these?
How many calories do they have?
Oh this is bad, really bad! Right there in black and white!
That number is higher than I can figure without a calculator!
I need to write 11,000 more words! This can't continue!
I need help! Serious help!

Angie! Are you there? Please tell me what foods to use for reward eating or how about a blog post this week?

Meanwhile, I need to find a way to extend the waistband on these jeans. I thought the dryer made them smaller.


  1. Well, I'd laugh but I've done the same kind of thing without thinking in the past... So instead I'm going to suggest something here and then take you up on your challenge and write a post on Wednesday for it! My suggestion: Plan what you're going to eat for the day. All your protein, carbs, fruits, veggies, snacks, drinks, etc. Now instead of grabbing one food, kinda like you did ;) get one of your planned foods. This is called healthy grazing. Alternate the planned foods with the planned drinks like coffee with a break that is lemon/mint/cucumber water. So you're still getting up for the stretch, you're still getting something refreshing, but you're not adding to the calories. You're rewarding yourself with what you've already planned to eat. Make sense? I'll post what that looks like on Wednesday with some more ideas. And then you share yours and how this worked :D

    1. Angie, sop glad I'm not alone on this one. Thanks for your great ideas...I need to learn how to do healthy grazing. Today I'm grabbing a few things and putting them in one place to grab from. Can't wait to read your post.