Saturday, March 8, 2014


Diana here:

I used to live in the country and only once did I have a trespasser. On the day of my first husband's funeral I looked through my kitchen window and saw a horse.

I thought it was my husband's horse, Scout. Just what I needed that morning was to chase down a horse dressed in my funeral clothes. Plus this guy was afraid of everything but John who was of course never going to help me again. As I walked out the door I glanced at the pasture to make sure the other horse, Lady was still there. She was and standing next to her was my husband's horse, Scout.
Was I seeing things?

No, turns out the one by the house had escaped from his pen down the road. A few phone calls and that was taken care of.

Since then I've remarried and moved. The trespassers  have changed. At first it was peacocks that held me hostage in my car. Those things are huge!

Those birds have moved on and I'm thankful. They tended to be a bit mean.

Now I have a different kind of trespasser.

They live next door but they are always in my yard, on my porch and driveway. I'm not sure how to fix this situation. I can say I've seen my neighbor running at them screaming, "This isn't your house! You are trespassing! Get in your house now!" I'm glad I was inside because I laughed so hard at my neighbors yelling and arm waving I had tears running down my face.

So I ask you...what would you do in this situation? Chase the chickens or make dinner?


  1. That's so funny, Diana! So you nor your neighbor have any idea who they belong to??

    :) I guess I'd be building a hen house for some eggs! LOL

  2. Mm, I wonder if there are chicken laws. Lol Do they lay any eggs in your yard or just chicken poop? There must be something they like in your yard. Worms, bugs or just scratching up stuff.