Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Unplug Fail

Angie here: All right! I admit dismal failure on my intent to unplug! Help! I have doubled my word count (I'm at 2500 of 50K) but that's not enough. The world keeps creeping in and the time change messed me up and...

So up at bat again... What will I do? I need to adjust my plan. I mean I wrote this book, right?!

And I wrote this book too...

Okay, and a few others... So if I look back at the successes I have completed, then I can bolster my confidence and focus my intent. Just do what I did before. Right?

And then I realize... Oh, duh...

I am doing exactly what I did before...

I have to feel the sting of the looming deadline. The finish line ribbon has to snap me in the cheek. And I realize that is what motivates me to complete a book. 

How fascinating! Took three times for this to sink in. The cookbooks each took a month and were a lot of entertaining cooking. Not the same type of effort or project. 

But I learned how My brain works. I know more about--me. 

What about you? Any project, not just a book, what makes you cross the finish line?

When have you learned something surprising about yourself?


  1. I do work better with a deadline approaching. But that panicky feeling isn't fun. :) The last few books, I've taken the word count and number of days until deadline and divided it to get how many words per day I need to do. And I build in a good buffer for critiquing.

    Good luck, Angie!

  2. Today I managed (supported by prayers of friends and writing loops) 3027 words. Whew!

  3. It used to be the thrill of the deadline. I'm wiser now. :) Can't take that stress so I break it the wordcount into weeks and those become my deadlines. I still seem to wait until the last minute to put the words down but my brain is working on those words constantly...which is why I ran into the endcap at Target yesterday.