Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Unplugged? You mean no techie stuff?

Angie here: Unplugged?

I'm entering crunch time with a long way to go on my books that are due. I've been reading research, writing outlines, and jotting down notes when they strike me. I so hope that means the books will write much faster. But I'm realizing I need to unplug.
Muse: You said unplug it, didn't you?

Unplugged? You mean no techie stuff?

You can't be serious! I've been studying those friends ahead of me in this business and guess what they do... uh huh. They unplug from techie stuff when deadlines come crashing in.

But unplug from everything?

I honestly don't know how it's going to go. I'm scared to unplug completely with the volunteer work I do, family and friends, and business that comes online only. So I thought I'd try unplugging for a couple of 2-3 hour blocks at first.

If I get used to the feeling that it's possible, then maybe I can go for entire days while I'm specifically focused. I think the hardest part is getting other people to recognize my very real dilemma. I've trained people that I'm available all the time. That's my fault. Now I have to retrain myself so it helps retrain others.

My focus has to be on writing books that are due 1 month apart for 4 months, exercising and eating right, and managing my duties as a responsible board member on 2 non-profit organizations. But then I also write 6 freelance articles a month, blog here, and blog on my own website. I have speaking commitments 1-2 times a month.

I'm proud of myself for letting go of a few things that ate up time, unsubscribing from several email lists I really don't need to be on, and being honest with several people who wanted to hire me for editing. (Some are willing to wait while others needed to find a new editor for the next project.) I love editing and turning away clients during the crunch time is not only scary, but I battle that worry of whether I've offended someone. With all that, it's still a pretty heavy schedule. 

I even read a short ebook on becoming a productivity ninja. I sped read it in about an hour. Mostly it said to do blocks of focused time and give myself built in time to think, plan, and be creative. Nothing new there...except I haven't been protective enough over the blocks of time. Go figure. I also plan my appointments for the same day of the week to keep me off the road and in my writing world. What else can I do? What do you do to be a good steward of your time and talents?

Do you have any advice? 


  1. Learn to say, "No." and do not follow it with because.
    I use to keep me on task.
    Unplugging is hard to do. I'm learning to do that though. No computer on Sundays, nothing on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (except checking email) I feel like I'm getting parts of my life back. It's way to easy to start at 8 am and the next thing you know you've missed lunch and it's time to make dinner. Not good for the mind or body.
    wishing you well!

    1. I looked up that site, Diana, it looks very cool.