Wednesday, April 16, 2014

But I don't know anyone there...

Angie here: Ever wanted to go to an event but been scared because "but I don't know anyone there..."

Yep, me too. And then I went anyway. I'd stick out my hand, shake hands with someone, and say hello. 

Once you meet one person, they tend to introduce you to another as is the case with these two lovely ladies. I met Janalyn Voigt at a completely different conference. We both then attended yet another as speakers, and she brought Melissa Norris along. Now I have another great friend. 

Guess what? That's how the Faith Girls met too. One met and then the next until we had a circle of six. 

Do you have a dream? Are you afraid because, "but I don't know anyone there?" Please, take the first step and meet one. The rest will happen. 

Have you stepped out of your comfort zone and gone to an event that scared but excited you? Did you go alone? Did you meet a new friend? Please share and   encourage others to take a chance. 


  1. I'm not sure what happened. I commented and it disappeared so if two show up that's why.

    Yes, I'm the one that would rather sit in a box all day alone rather than meet someone new. God has other plans for me though and He's made it possible for me to go to conferences, walk up to people and say hello! Everytime I attend one it is God moving my feet and Jesus helping me shake hands and oh yeah, the Holy Spirit is working my vocal cords

  2. I so understand :) People think I'm outgoing but it was a learned skill.