Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sushi Dessert

Angie here: What's the strangest dessert you've ever eaten? Have you tried sushi for dessert?

It's just raw fish, right? Oh so wrong :)

We went out for kiddo #3's birthday recently. All of us enjoyed the sushi restaurant (and I don't eat fish). So many choices and flavors. But when we looked at the desserts, we really wanted to try more sushi rolls. 

So instead of a sweet dessert, we decided to be adventurous and try 2 new flavors we hadn't tried before. The waiter even tried to talk us out of one. He'd often heard patrons complain they didn't like the pickled radishes in it. 

But we pressed him to bring it anyway. 
And you know what?
We liked it!

So we had sushi for dessert. 

What's the strangest dessert you've ever had?


  1. I just don't think I can top sushi! LOL I can't think of a thing unusual I've had as a dessert.

    BTW, I like the pickled radish. :)

  2. One of my favorites is a Thai dish called bao. There are several flavors from barbecued pork to other meat and veggies. But the dessert bao is made with sweetened black beans. I go nuts over those. I had my first in Thailand and miss it so much. There's none here in Montana.

  3. I can't top that. I've never even tried sushi. It looks good but so much soy sauce! I'd be sick for a long time.