Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Charming Behavior

Angie here: After an amazing bike ride on the Hiawatha Trail... Exhilarating! America is a beautiful country!

We stopped for dinner back in our home town. The restaurant was awesome, lovely company. Perfect day! Nice people all over the place from the trail ride to the families we passed to our waitress! Lots of charming behavior. 

 Until... Some young men strode out from a group in the back of the restaurant speaking a foreign language. They looked nice, healthy, and like they were having a great time. Kind of sporty.

The table next to us had 3 people. A woman yelled, "You're in America! Speak English!"

My family was stunned at her rudeness and judgmental attitude. Shocked and sad! Wasn't that charming behavior?

These young men could have been tourists, college kids, or visiting athletes at our Griz camps. I don't think the boys knew she was addressing them, thank God!

A minute later a long line of young men followed. Yep, attendees at Griz camps. International invited guests. And some idiot tries to spoil their impression of Montana based on an ignorant assumption. 

We really aren't like that in Montana. That's a very odd experience. But I so wanted to send the rude table to the country those boys were visiting from and tell her especially to speak that language! But for some reason I don't think Miss Charming Behavior owns a passport...

Have you watched people jump to stupid conclusions and become the "ugly Americans"? I was so disgusted by that woman and her obnoxious table mates. Boys, we aren't all like that and I pray you couldn't understand that insult. I hope you go home full of joy from your visit here! 

What do you think we can do to better educate people to behave and act with courtesy?


  1. How awful, Angie! I would have been horrified, too.

    I don't know what we can do to help that type attitude. I'm afraid someone who would do that would be closed minded.

    Gorgeous photos!

    1. It's bugged me ever since. I wondered if stopping the coaches in front of the table and asking about the camps would have started a conversation. Sometimes people learn "3rd party" by overhearing. But I couldn't think fast enough for what to say at that moment.

  2. It's too late now, but I think educating the owner of the employees attitude might make a difference the next time. It makes me sad when our country gets represented by people like that.

  3. No, that I would have reported. These were diners.