Saturday, June 7, 2014

Dave Ramsey, Bargaining and Computers

Diana here:

Life through me a curve the last few months. The letter 'c' quit working on my laptop. Now one would think I could add an external key board and do just fine, except the missing letter 'c' was the breaking point. My USB ports stopped working along with the port (is that what it's called?) that makes my second monitor work. Yes, I am one of those people. I'd really like to have 3 monitors!

It was imperative with my new job and with writing a book I needed to purchase a new computer. My husband and I have been working the Dave Ramsey plan so I had saved money for a computer--but not enough for the one I really wanted. I wanted a MAC. I can't justify that want I just want it like a kid holding a candy bar while screaming for another.

It was a treacherous shopping experience. I'd heard horror stories about windows 8 but you can't buy a computer off the shelf without it. I wasn't sure if I wanted a touch screen or  lots of terabytes or less bytes.  I finally settled on a nice Toshiba that was on sale. I paid cash for it. (DAVE RAMSEY WOULD BE PROUD!)

Then I discovered they didn't have it in stock.

What??????? It was in the ad! Still it was a good price so I let them order it. Turns out it would take 7 days to arrive. Then it turned into, well, we can't get that one anymore so we will substitute something similar at that cost.

With all my papers stating what the Toshiba I ordered could do and my receipt shoved in my purse I headed back to the store. I wanted my CASH back or a computer that was comparable.

They didn't have a computer that had everything the Toshiba had, and because they had placed the order and I paid cash I had to wait to get my money back.


This should be that hard. So I asked about the display model. Yes, it was still there even though they had no more in stock-anywhere.

This is where it gets good. By the time they had to charge my credit card because they couldn't give me cash back until the main office said the order was canceled (that took 3 days) I ended up with many discounts including the "Sad Customer Discount"

I left rather pleased with my bargaining skills-again thanks Dave Ramsey.

So that's where I've been setting up the new computer. More on that next week. Here's a hint--FILE HORDER are you one?


  1. Diana, good for you!! We used the cash envelopes for several years. Still use them for some items. :)

    Enjoy your new computer!

    1. Ah Missy we've tried the cash envelopes. I have so much trouble with counting that for everyday we switched to debit cards. But for big things we use the cash envelope. It feels good to have the money in hand when you go shopping.