Tuesday, July 29, 2014

How Do You Memorize the Bible?

Angie here: How do you memorize the Bible?

I've tried a few different ideas to memorize verses, but then I fall out of the habit. Reading the verse, closing my eyes and repeating it seemed okay. Putting a verse to music and singing it worked sometimes too. Breaking a verse into sections and doing either of the above techniques worked. I've also run my finger across verses to focus, used a highlighter, and made memory cards. As a teen, I made mini posters and hung verses on my bedroom walls. But eventually, I didn't memorize that many and it seemed hard to keep it up.

Recently I came across a new idea that seems very common sense. I often use an app on my iPhone to read called Youversion.com (I like it because I can switch versions at a touch and compare texts for better understanding.) The "plans" include devotions based on topics like marriage and parenting or goals like read the Bible in a year or concentrate on a particular book. 

The common sense idea is to read each verse 10 times out loud. One verse a day. But you stay in one book of the Bible and learn that book. Each day you repeat the verses from the days before. 

An interesting thing is happening as I attempt this challenge--now and then a phrase pops out at me in a new way. I stop and think about it. It's like something is being revealed I never understood before. 

Right now the book I'm learning is 2 Peter. It's the one chosen by the app on my phone. But I'm wondering if anyone has ever managed to memorize the whole Bible? It's not easy. Then again, this is a new skill and habit. Skills and habits performed regularly over time become easy. That's what I'm hoping. Disciplining myself to do it each day seems more the problem. 

One other thing I noticed is memorizing in a hard copy of the Bible helps me find the area the verse is in better than an app if I forget the verse book or number. I seem to remember an approximate placement. I'm wondering if there's a good way to combine app and paper so I'm seeing, hearing, and touching it. Hmm. 

What helps you to memorize the Bible?

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  1. Angie, in my women's Bible study group, we sometimes read the verses out loud week after week to try to learn them. And we gradually quit looking at the paper. It seems to help.