Wednesday, July 2, 2014

How to learn just about anything!

Angie here: For 3 days I've been trying to figure out how to minimize a file. It's an important file full of photos... for a book proposal. But it's heavy, heavy photos. The standard duplicate and minimize every photo would take weeks. There are a lot and that's a lot of hands-on photo work. Yikes!
Need a little energy to keep going?

I think even my #Muse was beginning to get a bit fatigued. He pulled out my energy drink more than once. I'd done old tricks to minimize photos. I'd searched for new tricks to minimize photos. I was still over 10MB too large and getting very frustrated that I couldn't minimize to the need.

And then... yes, I Googled one more time (I'd already tried about 30 times and not found what I wanted.) I worded it a little differently and voilá! I am thrilled to say you can minimize an enormous file to near nothing! 

How to learn just about anything!

Search engines are our friends! So let's say you have a bunch of photos or a large-sized file you need to send. It's way too big to go by email or you want a newsletter to go out that people or their email servers won't reject.

Here's how to minimize a massive file down to near-nothing and preserve the interior material... Wait for it...

  • Copy/paste into a new Word doc.
  • A new option comes up called Reduce File Size (under the File header option).
  • Click that option. Then leave "remove cropped sections".
  • Change to the Picture Quality you want: best for email, keep same resolution, etc. (I chose "best for email" option.) 
  • Run through it quickly to make sure things didn't shift (3 of my photos shifted to other pages and I quickly snapped them back in place). Then save that new file with the same name, but add "small" to it so you can see it quickly to attach. 
Uh huh. It's that easy. No need for buying any extra apps or programs. Color me stunned that something so simple existed all along and I never knew it.

My Muse book series proposal is on its way. Yay! (And I think my agent is finally a bit relieved that I've quit telling her I can't figure it out, lol!) I can. I figured out how to learn just about anything by searching online. But I'm still not a rocket scientist... hmm.

Go ahead – Google and figure out how to learn just about anything!

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