Tuesday, July 29, 2014

RWA 2014 Photos

Angie here: I took a few photos of my experience at RWA 2014. But less than normal. I had the honor of speaking at a workshop called Fit to be Tied to Your Desk (on how health, fitness, and nutrition are crucial to creativity & writing) and I shared special stretches/exercises/tips for people with desk jobs. No pics though because I was teaching. I didn't think to ask someone to  snap a few. Dang!
Narelle Atkins with Angie at the Faith, Hope, & Love meeting before RWA 2014 started. 
FHL meeting: Janet Dean, Missy Tippens, and Angie Breidenbach. 
At the Literacy Signing: Angie & Dorothy (Dotti) Adamek. 
RWA 2014 Literacy Signing donated $53,000 toward the support of literacy!
Margaret Daley & Angie at Literacy Signing. 

A friend posted this on Facebook and I downloaded it, a little blurry, but I'll keep it as a lovely memory :)

Lots happens all at once. The Beau Monde soirée was on the same night as the Literacy Signing. This is Laurie Alice Eakes in Regency costume and her Seeing Eye Dog, Nick. This RWA chapter teaches Regency dance at their event held inside the bigger conference! Very fun!
Angie & Laurie Alice (we were roomies and had a good time.)

Amazon had a presence in both workshops and a party for the authors. This is a rendition of traditional publishing...
And Amazon's rendition of Kindle, Create Space, ACX publishing. 
I tend to take notes differently now. I write a few, but I take photos of presenters slides so I can listen better. I missed the beginning of this workshop so another writer let me snap a pic of what I missed. Things go so fast that this habit has helped me immensely this year!

Lacy Williams taught Photoshop! Highlight for me because I needed the updated training for the full program I was given for Christmas.

Lunches and other meals were too short when not part of the package, but RWA is trying to help cut costs. Hotel catered meals are usually 2-3 times the expense of getting it on your own. The fun part is being able to connect on a more personal level with old and new friends. 
Carla Laureano, Angie, Shannon McNear, and Elizabeth Younts. We're at the San Antonio food court in the mall next door. 

The conference was super fast and busy. This is the first conference I've actually had to go lay down several times. But when you don't feel well, it's better to take care of yourself than push through. The workshops I did attend made a lot more sense because I took time to care for my migraine. It's frustrating when everything seems so important, but if you let yourself keep running down very little will stick anyway. So when attending an event like this, plan what is crucial and also plan a little down time. You can always do what I did and ask someone for a pic of their notes :) That's real life for real people. 

Also, buy the recordings of things you really want. A hint, the last year's recordings are often on sale later and closer to the next event. Or you can ask a friend to buy the heavily discounted recordings at the conference for you. 

RWA conference is over 2K people! It's pricey to travel, attend, and cover hotels. But though I haven't been in about 7 years, I'm glad I did this year. 

What ideas or thoughts stick out to you?
Have you attended a big event like this? 


  1. Angie, it was wonderful to meet you and the F.A.I.T.H girls in person at RWA :)

  2. Angie, I enjoyed seeing you! But I'm sorry you had the migraine.

    One thing I've learned is that if there are two workshops I want to go to at the same time, and a friend feels the same, then we'll split up and take notes to share.

    Narelle, it was great to see you again!