Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Finding My Happy Place

Angie here:
you've likely heard the phrase: Finding my happy place, right? I always heard, "Picture a beach somewhere..."

Lately I've realized the happiest place I've ever been is my yard swing. I'm happy every time I sit in it. I might approach it stressed, but it doesn't take long until I'm finding my happy place and the tension releases. 

It's a dream thing, really. I've wanted on most of my life. This year for my 50th birthday, Hubby bought me one. And as any woman knows... It was even better because it was on sale! 
Here's what I see when I'm working on my laptop in the swing.

We've spent several evenings together enjoying the swing, the breeze, and unplugging from work. It's helped us reconnect after a fast-paced travel season with me off speaking all over the country and his heating /AC company pounding the hours. We've been laughing, sitting close, and watching the sunset or the stars.
A brilliant Montana sunset viewed from my swing :D

I also go out when the shade comes and work on my laptop. It's beautiful to watch birds, butterflies, deer, and our minis. But I've also invited people to swing. This is where my grand daughter asked to, " have a butterfly because they're c-u-u-t-e!" Her little 2 year old voice singsongs through my head and heart often. 
Guppy munching blackberries while watching butterflies :)

I hope for many more years of sitting outside finding my happy place. A place I pray, marvel, laugh, and relax. And Hubby says he'll bring a sleeping bag out so we can sip hot cocoa in the snowy winter. I think I'm game :) And when I'm away, stressed, I'll go there in my mind. Great memories are being made in my happy place. It's my little heaven on earth right in my own front yard. 

Where's your happy place? Do you have one yet? (It took me 50 years...)

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  1. Gorgeous view! I love your new swing. What a great place to work. And relax. :)