Saturday, September 20, 2014

International Go back to Church Sunday is Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is International Go Back to Church Day!
Will you be in Church this Sunday?

Do you attend church every week?

I am pretty good about being there every Sunday but the digital sign I saw this morning announcing Go Back to Church Day had me thinking.

Even though I'm in a pew on Sunday mornings am I really there? Sure my body is but what about my mind? The sign reminded me that I need to bring all of me, be present in what is being said, learn, receive forgiveness the way it's meant to be felt. As if I've come sobbing to someone I love to please forgive what I've done and then experience that incredible feeling of relief and happiness when they say, "It's okay. I forgive you."

So that's my plan for International Go Back to Church Day. I'm taking all of me inside those doors.

Have you ever felt that way, not quite at church?


  1. I do sometimes get distracted with worries or whatever. I try to focus on the music to calm my mind and bring focus.

    1. The music helps. Holding my grandson doesn't. He's so hard to keep from watching. :)