Friday, October 17, 2014

Fall is here!

Missy, here. The weather in Georgia has turned cool. And we've received the pumpkins at our church pumpkin patch! It's a fundraiser for the youth group. Always so fun to see the loads arrive. I need to go buy our pumpkins this week!

Also! I hope you'll come join in the Autumn Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt! It starts today. Click the logo to go to stop #1 to find out how it works. My blog is Stop #18, and I'm doing an additional giveaway. Please come enter!


  1. I hope you'll drop by the scavenger hunt, Raquel.

    Diana, it's been a great fundraiser for the kids. They work hours to earn money toward their youth trips like the mission trip or retreats. The pumpkin patch is open the whole month, so they have plenty of opportunity to work. :)