Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Review and Renew

Angie here:
Do you review the last year before heading into the New one? If not, is it because of a fear that reviewing the past will hurt? 

I like to be intentional about reviewing my past. Not to wallow, but to look for things I want to do differently into the future. I can't change the past. However, I find similar situations repeat. If I don't think about the options, how will I choose a different reaction?

Today and tomorrow I'm thinking about each month. What was a low point? What was the high point? What obstacles bested me? What would I do differently if it happened again? And then I end each month thinking of the blessings. What surprised me? What was amazing? Can I thank someone? God? Is it repeatable and worth repeating to build on the opportunity?

The past is a beautiful foundation that helps us build the future. I challenge you to reminisce so as you review, you have the opportunities at hand to renew. 

In the past year, I've attended family funerals. Pretty rough. But in retrospect there were a lot of unexpected blessings too. Seeing family I hadn't in years, laughing as we remembered, and I met a woman who was an example of what I want to be: Fun, fearless to be herself, smile lines that show a beautiful spirit, and a natural elegance that comes from being comfortable with who she is. She shines into others. And I just might play with hair color in the future ;) No matter what, I found the courage to get comfortable with me because I don't want to miss one drop of life!

How do you review and renew?


  1. Angie--This is great!! And crazy as this post is an affirmation of something God just revealed to me. Thanks for posting!

    1. My pleasure. I'm thinking a lot this week :) I hope it makes a significant experience for you too.