Monday, December 8, 2014

Surprise Gift!

Angie here:
Color me vibrantly surprised when suddenly, while washing dishes, a lost memory popped into my head!
(I don't have a matching picture so thought I'd just share a vibrant one. It displays all the joy I felt through amazing color.)

Now it seems like we all have a few of those memories. But I actually lost a lot of memory after a surgery over a dozen years back. Oddly it was a lot of memories from my junior and senior high time. I've had friends share pictures of those times. I've felt a bit awkward asking to be filled in. But they usually do it kindly. 

 So when this one rushed in, it felt like I'd been given a surprise gift! It was a fun memory of a skit from the musical Annie. My friends and I sang and danced on stage in a talent show to It's A Hardknock Life. I'd been reminded by those friends. I'd even seen a picture. But my memory was completely gone about that incident. So the pictures and stories felt foreign. 

But the surprise gift must have been working in my subconscious. And I watched the Macy's Parade a few days ago where little girls did that same song on a float. One tossed around a rag. Then I had an inkling. A snippet that I remembered doing that too. But the snippet was a flash and gone. 

Today I think I remember most of it. My memory loss can only be described as looking at a blank chalkboard. I can't describe it better. It feels like there are still some blanks in the memory but that I somehow know most of it is there. 

And I feel very blessed by being able to recall that happy time :)

Do you have a happy memory you feel glad to recall of time with friends?

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  1. That's a GORGEOUS sky!

    I love when memories pop up like that. I was recently trying to remember my elementary school layout. And some of it came back to me as I remembered special programs we had in the auditorium. :)