Wednesday, April 15, 2015

What kind of movies do you like?

Angie here: Recently I attended the How to Succeed in Hollywood (without losing your soul) filmmaking course to learn screenwriting. It's been a lifelong dream to write movies. But I learned so much more in the class!
What kind of movies do you like?
I have a lot of movie and TV series ideas. I can't wait to get to work on them. But did you know Americans need and want more family content in movies? Did you know the highest grossing movies are family-friendly and often those with high faith and moral values? I'm not just spouting it. The statistics and research prove it.

I have to admit I don't like movies with bathroom humor, vulgarity, and a lot of gratuitous sex/violence. I love movies with humor and I really love action/adventures like Indiana Jones or National Treasure where there's a quest and humor and adventure mixed in. One of my favorite movies ever is the deeply layered League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I laughed myself senseless at the continually high humor puns and nods to the classic books and movies. The references were brilliant. I've watched it several times and caught even more references each time. I want to write movies that are that highly entertaining, layered, and just plain excellent.

Look closely at the photo I posted. Isn't it amazing that theater owners know they earn more money with family-friendly movies? When families go to the movies they take 2-5+ people. When teen boys go, they sell 1-2 tickets. Family movies bring in more ticket sales. Hello. This should tell us something...

My questions to you are: What kind of movies do you like? What kind of content do you like or avoid in movies?


  1. Oh good to know Angie! Now we need to go to those movies and watch the TV shows so those numbers stay high.
    I like romantic comedies.

  2. I like romantic comedies too :) I think we need to be diligent in supporting those family-friendly endeavors even if it isn't full of faith-based content. It's important that we not only promote quality entertainment, but also realize the face we as Americans put forward to the rest of the world. Those other countries really do believe Americans are what they see in movies and television. And so do our impressionable young people who are destroyed when they find out life isn't all golden and wonderful when they try to copy poorly modeled negative behavior and attitudes on the screen.